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A wide assortment of group classes designed to deliver results for YOU. The most successful strategies that have worked for our clients for years, presented in fun and synergistic classes under the careful eye of an experienced and caring instructor!

Kick Ass Fitness Warriors

Monthly Membership  program includes all classes, training, support, inspiration, motivation and accountability helping you to Eliminate Pain, Lose Weight, Blast Fat, Build Strength, Increase Flexibility, Promote Healing, and Prevent Injuries.

Move and Feel Better Than You Did 20 Years Ago

Create Your Owner's Manual

Create Your Body's Owners Manual

Don't you wish your body came with a personal owner's manual? Your Private Session will help  you to create the blueprint for building your very own manual.  Work the program for 30 days and with a follow up session you'll know exactly what it takes and what to do to feel your best every second of every day.

Welcome to RiversZen Yoga

"Not Your Typical Yoga Studio" .... RiversZen truly offers Yoga for Every Body. If you've never been to a yoga class before you might hesitate to give it a try. You are probably thinking that there will be all kinds of flexible people striking impossible poses and that you will feel foolish. Let me assure you that is the furthest thing from the truth. When you step into RiversZen Yoga Studios you will find that the vast majority of students are exactly like you. Regular people at all different fitness levels looking to improve in a nurturing atmosphere with a group of like minded people. The support and welcoming, not only from the instructors, but from other students, will be warm and friendly.  You have nothing to fear so come on down and check RiversZen out.

What Do Our Members Say About RiversZen Yoga?

When Asked to Describe Their Experience at RiversZen Yoga in a Single Word Here Are The Responses We Hear Most Often ...

Family, Heart, Soul, Welcoming

Serene, Healing, Blissful

Delightful, Respite, Variety

Professional, Supportive, Creative

Gorgeous, Friendly

Exceeded Expectations, Favorite, Best