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At RiversZen It IS All About YOU!

Group Classes

RiversZen Yoga offers over 40 weekly classes ranging from traditional Hatha Yoga to High Energy Intensive Pilates, and everything in between, designed to promote healing and health. Classes for All Fitness Levels.


With private yoga lessons, you'll zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle. Our expert teachers will craft custom sessions designed to meet your personal needs.
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Expert Instructors

A Highly Qualified, Caring group of teachers, trainers, instructors and guides who are truly engaged and excited by YOUR progress and success. 

Thank You RiversZen and Peter! Here is a review of one of my favorite classes at RiversZen!  "Yoga for Power, Strength, Stamina  a Strala style yoga flow class. Strala Yoga, is a great way to use your breath to find ease of movement. Strala Yoga allows you to practice moving meditation using the breath to flow thorough a variety of basic to intermediate yoga poses. Suitable for Yoga levels 1,2,3. Strala classes leave me with an amazing peaceful grounded feel, as if my body has been energized through the Strala process. Come give it a try! It's a great way to clear your mind and get into your body. Strala is a very popular big city style yoga class offered here at the coast, exclusively at Riverszen."

Yoga for Power, Strength, Stamina, (Strala yoga) is offered Fridays at 6:45 and Sundays at 12:15 at Riverszen. If you are new to Riverszen your first class is free! Click Here To Register For Your First Class Free!

Kelly Stearns
Attorney at Law

Voted The Columbia-Pacific Region's Best Yoga Studio

RiversZen Astoria is located on the Astoria Riverwalk on the banks of the mighty Columbia River. RiversZen Ilwaco is located on the Waterfront Walkway in the Port of Ilwaco. The world class views and the gentle splashing of the waves below create an atmosphere that allows you to leave the cares of the day behind and to fully engage in your current activity

RiversZen and all its lovely staff, which feels like family, Is a true treasure. No matter how low you may think you are, you will be lifted to high heights when you leave this wonderful space. I've practiced yoga on and off for 20 years in many places, never have I been in a class such as SALLY Anderson's. She is so knowledgeable, I often tell people when asked what's it like and if they could do it, I tell them you could be a blind person and Sally would talk you through every move as if you could see it crystal clear. She is well versed with all body parts inside and out and describes every move in a natural easy to follow rhythm. With Sally and the mighty river that flows below the very space you practice, I would rate the experience a million stars all day long. HATS OFF AND WHOO RAY To RiversZen. WooHoo and Thank You For Being There!

Jessie Cullen
Astoria Oregon

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