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Located in a Beautiful & Historic Building Above The Columbia River

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Offering a Large Selection of High Quality Yoga Classes and Private Instruction
Designed to Promote Healing, Health & Well Being for Your Body, Mind and Spirit at Affordable Prices

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Yoga Classes
2013-02-15 11.15.53RiversZen Yoga offers a large selection of High Quality Yoga Classes designed to promote healing, health and well being for body, mind and spirit at affordable prices. Located in a beautiful and  historic building above the splashing waves of the Columbia River.
RiversZen Class Schedule

Healing Private Yoga Sessions
With Sally Anderson

2013-02-15 11.31.132013-02-15 11.42.10Private Yoga Sessions are for much more than improving your poses ... they are also about healing. For example: At a recent individual session with Sally the student came in with extreme pain in her shoulder. Utilizing breath work and one-on-one attention the student left with excellent rotation and mobility ... and best of all no pain.  In Sally's words, "We both were excited and almost brought to tears!"
Schedule a One Hour private Yoga Session with Sally

Enhance Performance
Prevent Injuries, Promote Healing

With Assisted Resistance Stretching
RiversZYoga_Feb2013-259RiversZen Resistance Stretching is the revolutionary technique that utilizes a person's own resistance in the strengthening and elongating of muscles. It is a system focused on eccentric movements as well as concentric ones.  The Ki-Hara system not only increases flexibility and muscular performance, but it will also help heal old injuries and prevent future ones.

I've had many sessions using other modalities including several types,, watsu, traditional yoga, reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese medicine, herbs, supplements, on and on and on. The doctors had thrown up their hands and told me I would need to learn to live with the pain. Those days are now behind me due to Ki-Hara at RiversZen. For the first time in decades I feel totally in control of my own health!”
Blessings, Betsy
Read All About RiversZen Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

RiversZen Studio Features Full Spectrum Lighting
To assist lessening the symptons of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) ... Natural daylight is an essential factor for life on earth. It is not only a basic requirement for the growth of plants but also affects the human well being, psyche and health. Many people complain of feeling down, having less energy, putting on a few pounds, and having difficulty getting up in the morning throughout the dark, shorter days. RiversZen features overhead lights and reading lights in the studio with True-Light Wide Spectrum bulbs that help us get through the dark winter months.
Additional Information About These Bulbs and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Gift Certificates Available
Give The Gift of Health All Year Round

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What Do RiversZen Members Have To Say?
“Sally, you undersell and over-deliver!” Tiffany

I am very excited that you  have provided such a needed service in our community of affordable Yoga  classes! Kudos to RiversZen!”

Ahhhhh! My friends and I really needed this! Life is so busy and moves so fast. What a wonderful opportunity to connect, get centered, slow  down and share quiet, healing time with kindred spirits. Thank you for  bringing this wonderful addition to the community! Sharon

RiversZen is more than just a place for classes, it is a community gem.  A magical setting, with lovely people helping us to appreciate our  bodies and nurture our minds.  I feel peaceful & most welcome the  moment I enter!” Tammy

“I just love coming to class! With all the different times for the classes, there is always at least one I can make it to during the week. After struggling with the pain from my Rhuematiod Arthitis and Fibromyalgia for a few years I was with out much hope to feel better; that has finally changed. Even just the few weeks I have been doing this has helped me so much. It has also inspired me to want to someday become a yoga instructor! Thank you to all of you!” Shannon

“Did you know that 3 out of 4 members of Acustica World Music rely on yoga stretches and poses to ensure they are in peak condition for their performances? Today, Multi-lingual Vocalist, Dolores Levine, attended a wonderful 'Strength, Power and Balance' class at RiversZen Yoga in order to work through a minor injury. The studio sits on the mighty Columbia River...where healing waters flow”

Went to the most amazing Yoga session last night! Rivers Zen Yoga studio is really a hidden treasure. Its literally ON the river in Astoria.. Classes are available 7 days a week with varying intensities. I happened to hit the gentle yoga session and it was incredibly relaxing - that being said, I do feel it today, but in a good way. You should really check it out! .. well, not all of you- I still want to be able to get in at my leisure.. :-) Krista

“I am very excited that you  have provided such a needed service in our community of affordable Yoga  classes! Kudos to Rivers Zen!” Zoe

Just wanted to say thank you for providing the support, encouragement, and expertise that have helped me address the carpel tunnel pain that has caused me pain for nearly two years. Since starting my nearly daily practice at RiversZen three months ago, the pain has been alleviated. I am discovering ways to keep my "writer's body" in balance by using the asanas and pranayana to counter the effects of my sedentary work. I appreciate the supportive environment and the willingness of instructors to assist with finding modifications for those of us who have issues related to old injuries or body structure.  Catherine

Peter’s Class Rocks! Challenging and Invigorating ... what a mid day rush! Danny

I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful studio with beautiful  instructors! You can feel the positive, loving energy from Peggy and  David as soon as you enter the building. I would highly recommend this  fantastic space to anyone that is starting their yoga and spiritual  journey. Again, I feel blessed and excited to have found RiversZen  Yoga!!!!  Cheyanna

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